Kitchen Tips

Let knife and forks clean themselves!

  Nobody likes washing up and if you don’t have a dishwasher then everything has to be done by hand! So, here’s a handy little tip for semi automating part of your washing up. Fill a bowl with soap hot water. Don’t put any cold in just yet. As you’re cooking, you’ll get through some

Boil clean frying pans

  If you’ve been cooking bacon or sausage sarnies en mass in a frying pan then you can be left with quite in mess in the bottom of it as the fat starts to stick to the bottom! To make washing up a little easier, as your cooking in the frying pan, put the kettle

Steam clean the microwave

  If you fail to clean your microwave for a few weeks then you may notice the remnants of last weeks beans have welded themselves to the roof of your microwave. This may look like it’s going to take a lot of elbow grease and hard work to get it clean but you would be

Tin storage upside down!

  Fed up of shaking tins like crazy to get the contents out and spray the contents up the wall and on the work surfaces? How many of you have taken a tin out of the cupboard and spent a minute or so getting the contents out of it with a spoon, into a saucepan?