What is a 1250mm high base unit?


A question that we were recently asked was “What is a 1250mm high base unit?” Read on to find out more.

Well, a 1250mm high base unit, more commonly known as a mid height unit can be used in place of tall units or to create something a little different in your kitchen design where a standard base unit, does not quite fit in with your plans.

1250mm studio height unit lemans

1250mm mid height oven

Uses for a 1250mm high base unit

1250mm high base units are very useful for appliances like single under counter ovens and fridge/freezers, as they allow you to raise the appliances higher than you could in a standard base unit, for easier access.

As the units are only 1250mm high, you can also put some worktop on the top of them and use that area as some additional storage or use it to dress the kitchen with pictures or objects from your travels.

1250mm high units 3 options

Types of 1250mm high base units

On our website, we have a few different types of 1250mm wide, mid height base units, these include:


Here are some examples of how 1250mm high, mid height units have already been used in our customers’ homes.

1250mm mid height oven

1250mm mid height single oven unit

1250mm mid height oven units

1250mm mid height oven unit

1250mm mid height oven units

1250mm mid height storage unit

1250mm mid height single oven unit

You can see all the mid height units that we have available on our website here.


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