Customer Questions

Inframe appliance door (one piece)

  A question that we were recently asked was “How does an inframe appliance door work? Is the frame bit of the unit attached to the appliance afterwards, so that it blends in with the rest of the inframe kitchen units?” Well, when you buy an inframe kitchen, the frame part that the door sits

How to choose a corner wall unit

  When designing your new kitchen, the corner can be one of the most difficult areas to plan, especially when it comes to which corner wall unit to use and how they fit in with the units next to them and corner posts. The article below will give you a few options to choose from,

What is a downturn & gable end?

  A question that we were recently asked was, “What is downturn & a gable end? Are they the same things in relation to kitchens?” Well, a downturn and a gable, both do the same thing by covering the end of a non matching carcase, so that the colour and texture is carried on. See

What does an angled base unit look like?

  A question that we were recently asked was “I’ve heard of angled base units but I’m not sure what they look like, as I cannot work it out from your website.” Well, an angled base unit is a great unit to use if the entrance into your kitchen area is a little limited. The

How to use LED strip lighting under integrated appliances

  A question that we were recently asked was “how do I use LED strip lighting under integrated appliances, where there is no base unit to stick the LED strip lighting onto?” Well, LED strip lighting is really effective and installing it under integrated appliances initially seems to be a problem but you just need

How to choose a larder unit

  When planning your kitchen, a larder unit can be a very convenient unit to factor into your design. But, there are many different styles of larder unit and each of them has their own unique benefits. So, you may want to spend some time reading this article, to ensure that you get the perfect

How to use a tall unit with a soil pipe

  A question that we were recently asked was “With regards to a soil pipe, what size drawers come in the 900mm and 800mm wide units?  Can the units be cut down to take in a boxed-in soil pipe, in the far corner of our room? If not, how would you suggest getting round it?”

How do I use a stowaway unit?

  A question we were recently asked was “I want to hide a control unit for under floor heating. Can I use a stowaway unit (100mm deep) to do this, and are there any instructions for using/installing this unit, I assume it does not have legs?”  Well, stowaway units can be used and are 100mm

Peninsular wall units – How to support them

  A question that we were recently asked about Peninsular wall units was, “I’m just looking at planning a kitchen and wondered how your peninsular wall units were fitted, before I put too much pen to paper. Do you have any info as I can’t find any?” Well, peninsular wall units only usually have the

How do I line up a kitchen mantle?

  A question that we were recently asked regarding a kitchen mantle was, “I want to use the following setup: 2120mm tall unit (with legs) 720mm high wall unit 1210mm high kitchen mantle 720mm high wall unit 2120mm tall unit (with legs) But, the top of the kitchen mantle will be out of alignment by 10mm