Customer Questions

Peninsular wall units – How to support them

  A question that we were recently asked about Peninsular wall units was, “I’m just looking at planning a kitchen and wondered how your peninsular wall units were fitted, before I put too much pen to paper. Do you have any info as I can’t find any?” Well, peninsular wall units only usually have the

How do I line up a kitchen mantle?

  A question that we were recently asked regarding a kitchen mantle was, “I want to use the following setup: 2120mm tall unit (with legs) 720mm high wall unit 1210mm high kitchen mantle 720mm high wall unit 2120mm tall unit (with legs) But, the top of the kitchen mantle will be out of alignment by 10mm

Do your glazed wall units come with glass shelves?

  A question that we were recently asked was “Do your glazed fronted wall units come as standard with glass shelves in them or do I have to pay extra for these shelves? If I have to pay extra, will you still send me the wooden ones since I technically, would be paying for them?

Inframe Belfast sink units & sink heights

  When it comes to choosing an inframe Belfast sink unit and sink, the size of the units do appear to be larger than normal but that is purely down to the frame that is attached to the unit. The height of our inframe units, from floor to the top of the unit is actually

How to choose kitchen unit handles & knobs

  When planning a kitchen (apart from kitchen unit handles) the first thing that springs to mind is choosing units that will deliver in terms of style, whether that’s contemporary and modern or traditional and rustic. The next thing on the list is the decor and colour scheme, ensuring these match the appearance of the

Do your sink base units have a back panel?

  Quite a popular question that we get asked is “Do you have back panels on your sink base units and if so, do the back panels on the sink base units come fixed or do they come apart easy, to aid in cutting around pipe work and water meters etc?” Well, our sink base

Kitchen Island Ideas & Inspiration

  Many people tend to ask the question, “How do I design a kitchen island?” Well, to tell you the truth, there is no one size fits all kitchen island design, as you can make it exactly how you want, so that it fits in with the shape of your room and even add appliances

What is an in-frame kitchen?

  A recent question from one of our customers was “I keep hearing an in-frame kitchen mentioned a lot but don’t fully understand them. Can you help explain what makes inframe kitchens different to normal ones?” Well, the article below will answer this question and more in great detail, so you’ll be an in-frame kitchen

How does your pullout ironing board work?

  Our pullout ironing board unit is very handy indeed and a real space saver, as you can do away with your existing ironing board that probably takes up loads of space in your existing utility room! The pullout ironing board kitchen base unit measures 400mm wide and is a great addition to any kitchen/utility

Can I use a Belfast sink with a laminate worktop?

  A question that we were recently asked about Belfast sinks and laminate worktops was “Can you please advise if there is any way of using a Belfast sink with a white laminate worktop? I am not sure I want wooden worktops throughout and I certainly cannot afford 7 metres of granite!” Well, our answer