How do I integrate a washer & dryer in my utility room?


Quite a popular question that we are asked is “how do I integrate my washer & dryer in my utility room?” Well, there are 2 ways in which you can do this and it all depends on if you are using integrated appliances or freestanding appliances, as both can be put behind doors to keep them out of sight.

Fully integrated washer & dryer

If the appliances you are using are fully integrated then these appliances just need space under a 600mm deep worktop and/or between base units, if they are being used.

If your utility room is small and no base units are being used then you can baton a worktop to the wall, put 2 end panels either side of the appliances to give the worktop something to  rest on and place 2 integrated appliances doors on the front of the appliances, as shown below.

To tidy things up, you can then run some plinth across the bottom and use some filler panels either side of end panels, if there are gaps between the end panels and wall.

Integrated washer dryer

So to recap, if you are using an integrated washer and a dryer then the minimum that you are going to need to house them are:

  • 2 x end panels
  • 1 x 600mm deep worktop
  • 2 x 597mm wide appliance doors (providing you are not using any slimline appliances)

Freestanding washer & dryer

If you are looking to hide freestanding appliances then we would advise using 2 x 347mm wide doors for each appliance, so 700mm of total width for each appliance is recommended, as freestanding washer/dryers are wider than our integrated single doors, which measure 597mm.

Because freestanding appliances are  deeper in size, you would also need to use a deeper worktop around 670mm in depth or deeper, so that your appliances will fit into the gap.

Providing the worktop is laminate or solid wood, place end panels either side of the appliances and a baton to the rear would be enough support the worktop.

As you will be using 2 x 347mm doors, you would also need an end panel between the 2 appliances, so you could hinge the 2 doors that would be in the centre of the appliances.

Freestanding appliances

Integrated washing machine doors closed

Integrated washing machine doors open

So to recap, if you are using a freestanding washer and a dryer then the minimum that you are going to need to house them are:

  • 3 x end panels
  • 1 x 670mm deep worktop
  • 4 x 347mm wide appliance doors

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