What is an undermount sink?


The majority of sinks that you’ve probably seen just fit into the top of a kitchen worktop (inset sinks) and slide into position. Inset sinks are pretty popular with laminate worktops but undermount sinks are installed differently and cannot be used with laminate worktops!

How does an undermount sink attach to a worktop?

Undermount worktops, as the name suggests, are positioned underneath a solid surface worktop and butted up to the bottom of it. To keep the sink in position, it is usually glued or if it’s a pretty big sink then a combination of glue and the supplied support brackets will be used, as shown in the images below.


Undermount sink support


Undermount sinks & worktops

Now, as mentioned above, you cannot use a laminate worktop with an undermount sink. This is because once laminate worktops have had the sink hole cut out, the MDF inners become exposed and water exposure straight onto this would, over time, ruin the worktop.

If you are opting for an undermount sink then you will need a solid surface worktop like quartz, granite or even wood, so that any water splashes will run straight back off the edges around the sink back into the bowl.

Undermount sink and granite worktop

Although a solid wood worktop can be used with an undermount sink, please remember that the wood does need to be oiled and finished correctly, otherwise water will cause the wood to rot and bend.

If your order a granite/quartz worktop from us, the people that come to install the worktop will also put the sink into position and glue it for you but your kitchen fitter will need to connect the water and waste pipes etc., so that the sink becomes functional.

What types of materials are used for an undermount sink?

The most common types of undermount sinks that are used in domestic kitchens are:

Stainless Steal

Undermount stainless steel sink



Undermount ceramic sink

Composite (granite or quartz)

Undermount composite sink


Draining boards & drainer grooves

A common question asked about undermount sinks is that these types of sinks don’t have a draining board. Well, that is correct but if you are opting for a granite or quartz worktop then you can have some drainer grooves cut into your worktop! See the example below.

Undermount sink with double drainer grooves

Here is a nice picture of an undermount sink, just loved the angle, almost like a spider has just crawled out of the plug hole and took the picture:-)

Undermount sink spider view

A common question asked regarding to wooden worktops is “with a wooden worktop and undermount sink, how do I get the drainer grooves into the wooden worktop that I have seen on so many pictures?”

Well the simple answer is that the drainer grooves will have to be created by your kitchen fitter with a tool called a router.


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