What colour matched cabinets/units do you have available?


Heron Grey CarcaseTo ensure you can design your kitchen, so that it looks as good as you can get it, we offer an outstanding range of colour matched cabinets/units to go with your chosen door style.

Most companies offer between 1 & 4 different cabinet options but we don’t think that is enough. So we looked at our door ranges and came up with a selection of 9 different cabinet colours to try and compliment any door style that you choose.

So, if you have an oak door then you can choose from an Oak finished cabinet or if you are opting for a cream door then we have Cashmere and Alabaster cabinets to choose from.

We have to apologise though as all these different options will add a little more time to your kitchen planning experience:-)

Cabinet colours available

As mentioned above, there are 9 different cabinet colours available, these are

  1. Alabaster
  2. Cashmere
  3. Dakar
  4. Graphite
  5. Heron Grey
  6. Light Grey
  7. Mussel
  8. Natural Lancaster Oak
  9. White

See the image below to see these in more detail.

Carcase Colours


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