Which appliance door do I need to order?


When placing an integrated appliance into a kitchen, many of the appliances  just require a door as the appliance fits into a gap left by 2 adjacent units. But, depending on if your kitchen has drawerline units or not, you need to choose the right door for the job.

You can see which appliances require a kitchen unit or just a door here.

Drawerline appliance doors

If your kitchen has drawerline units throughout, like the image below (#3), then you will need to order a door kit so that the integrated appliance is hidden behind the door and the drawer piece, which is attached to the appliance door (#2).

You would need an integrated appliance door kit for this appliance, which consists of a drawer front measuring 139x597mm and a door measuring 570x597mm. The supplied bracket is used to attach both parts together (#1).

Drawerline appliance door

An example of this door kit can be seen here.

Highline appliance doors

If your kitchen has mainly highline units and you do not require a drawerline effect then you can order the standard integrated appliance door measuring 715x597mm. An example of this can be seen here.

An example of an appliance attached to a highline kitchen door is shown below.

Highline appliance kitchen door

Slimline appliances

Remember, a slimline appliance is not as wide as a regular one, so you need to be 100% sure which appliances you are going to have as you design your kitchen, so that you can plan the kitchen unit widths accordingly.

Conversely, as you are designing your kitchen you may find that space is at a premium and you have no choice but to go for a slimline unit, either way the door required for these slim line appliances is a little smaller in width.

For a slimeline  highline door, you will need am integrated appliance door measuring 715x447mm as shown in this example.

For a slimline drawerline door, you will need an integrated appliance door kit consisting of a drawer front measuring 139x447mm and a door measuring 570x447mm. The supplied bracket is used to attach both parts together. An example of this door kit is here.


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