How to integrate a dishwasher into your kitchen


In today’s fast-paced world, the kitchen is the heart of the home and modern appliances like dishwashers have become essential for convenient living. Integrating a dishwasher not only streamlines the look of your kitchen by putting the appliance out of sight but it also enhances its functionality.

This article aims to guide you through the process of integrating a dishwasher into your kitchen.

Choosing the right dishwasher

First of all, it’s crucial to select the right integrated dishwasher for your kitchen. Slimline dishwashers are a great option for smaller kitchens or households with limited space. These models are typically around 45cm wide, making them perfect for compact areas while still providing excellent cleaning performance.

If you do have the space, then you may want to consider the 60cm wide version for maximum cleaning capacity.

Positioning the dishwasher

Proper positioning is key to ensuring your integrated dishwasher fits seamlessly into your kitchen’s design. Here are some tips for selecting the ideal spot.

Near the sink: Position the dishwasher as close to the sink as possible. This reduces the need for additional plumbing work, as the water supply and drainage is already there. Placing the dishwasher near the sink also makes it convenient to load dishes

Drainage: When the dishwasher is being fitted, install a high-loop in the dishwasher’s drainage hose to prevent backflow of dirty water. Connect the drainage hose to the sink’s drain or a dedicated dishwasher drain connection, if available

Avoid obstructions: Ensure there’s enough clearance to open the dishwasher’s door fully without hitting cabinets, walls or other appliances

Consider traffic flow: Place the dishwasher in a location that doesn’t disrupt the kitchen’s traffic flow. Avoid blocking pathways or creating bottlenecks

Power source: It’s recommended to have a dedicated outlet for the dishwasher, preferably in an adjacent unit, so that the appliance can be turned off easily if required

Space for the dishwasher

The integrated dishwasher itself does not require its own unit, just the space left between 2 other units.

Inframe integrated dishwasher

The dishwasher will not integrate with your kitchen, until you buy a matching appliance door for it, when you order your kitchen. These appliance doors are either full height or in 2 parts if you are matching a drawer line effect with the rest of the units next to it.

You need to attach the appliance door to the dishwasher’s door by following the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the dishwasher. There is a video below that shows how to attached a dishwasher.

Securing the dishwasher

Next you need to secure the dishwasher in place using mounting brackets provided by the manufacturer or the screws provided that screw into the side of the dishwasher in to the adjacent unit. This prevents any movement or shifting during operation. Check the alignment of the dishwasher’s door with the surrounding cabinets first before you put in any screws that lock the dishwasher into position.

Secure integrated dishwasher

What about Inframe kitchens?

Integrating a dishwasher is still possible with an inframe kitchen, as a 1-piece door can be purchased with the door and frame created together.

This allows you to integrate your dishwasher easily into your kitchen whilst maintaining the inframe look of the kitchen.

The 2 inframe doors on the right are for our Harewood & Helmsley styles. If you want to know the differences between these doors then we have a very useful article here, that will explain for you.

AEG dishwasher features

AEG dishwashers are some of the best you can get, and Which? just awarded them with the ‘large appliance brand of the year’ accolade!  If you are thinking of buying a dishwasher for the first time or for your new kitchen, then here are some features to look out for in some of the AEG dishwashers that we sell.

AEG Dishwasher

Airdry technology

Once the AEG dishwasher has cleaned your glasses to perfection, AIRDRY will automatically open the door by 10cm when the cleaning process has finished. This maximises airflow inside the dishwasher and allows your glasses and plates to dry quicker and gives them a spotless finish. Maximum drying power with minimum energy.

Comfort lift

If you avoid using dishwashers because of any difficulties in bending then AEG’s ComfortLift® is the answer! ComfortLift® brings the contents of the dishwasher to a whole new level, your level, by raising the tray to waste height for very convenient access.

MaxiFlex drawer

The MaxiFlex drawer is capable of handling kitchen utensils of all shapes and sizes. The MaxiFlex Drawer is positioned right at the top of the AEG dishwasher, for ease of loading and for maximum cleaning, as the utensils are spaced out and positioned just how you need them. When the cleaning process has completed, you can easily unload the MaxiFlex drawer and put your cutlery away.

Quick select

Quick Select ensures optimal settings for every dishwasher cycle, in just a touch. Simply swipe to the amount of time you would like for the dishwasher cycle and add more power, if there are going to be some hard to clean items in there and let the dishwasher do the rest. Or, to make life as simple as possible, just press the Auto Sense button and let your dishwasher determine the best cleaning cycle for the load!

Integrated dishwasher examples

Here are some integrated dishwashers examples to show how they could look in your home.

Dishwasher In Tall Unit
Integrated Dishwasher
Integrated Dishwasher

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