Belfast sink unit sizes


Belfast sinks, even though you’ve probably not seen one since you were young, are still incredibly popular in modern day homes.

We do get quite a few questions where customers say that their sink will not fit into our units. Here is a quick guide on the Belfast sink units that we sell and the Belfast sink required for the unit.

For those of you that are not quite sure what a Belfast sink looks like, here is one in the flesh, well the ceramic:-) You can read more about the history of Belfast Sinks here

Belfast sink unit sizes

The first one of the Belfast sink units that we have available is the 455mm high unit. This Belfast sink unit will accommodate a sink with a bowl depth of anywhere in-between 250-260mm, as shown below.

With this unit, you lose a little unit space but you gain extra space to store dirty pots of pans until they are ready to be washed:-)

455mm belfast sink unit with sink


The second of the Belfast sink units that we have available is the 495mm high unit. This Belfast sink unit will accommodate a sink with a bowl depth of anywhere in-between 200-225mm, as shown below.

495mm belfast sink unit

As you can see from the images above, the Belfast sink fits snugly on top of the sink unit and the worktop can overhand the sink slightly to blend the sink in nicely.

800mm wide Belfast sink units

We also have extra wide 800mm wide by 495 Belfast sink units, in case you are after a bigger sink but these Belfast sink units are only available in certain Shaker door styles such as Linwood and Malton.

800mm belfast sink unit

Note: the most popular bowl depths for Belfast sinks are 220mm & 250mm.

Get creative

Why not make a feature of your Belfast sink and use a piece of worktop underneath it, just like Mike from London did below!

Belfast sink worktop


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