How to fit a Luca corner post


Due to the J handle profile of the Luca corner post, these corner posts come pre made as shown in the image below. These corner posts measure 70 x 70 x 22mm

Luca corner post

Should the corner post need cutting down to size then you have  two options.

(1) Cut a piece of the left and right hand sides to the desired size then use some touch up paint to repair the edges. A word of warning, you will need to use the correct blade in your saw for wood and be careful not to splinter the edges too much, placing some masking tape down the area to be sawn will help. This way of creating the Luca corner post will work but it is not the cleanest way.

(2) Cut the corner post down the middle and re mitre the post to the desired size so that any raw edges meet back in the middle and hide any mess. Again, some touch up paint may be needed to cover any imperfections left from cutting it.

To get the best effect from this Luca corner post, it is best to try and plan your kitchen so that it will use all the 70x70mm corner post.

Fitting the Luca corner post

What most people do is remove the blanking panel on the corner base unit, then attach 4 of those small white fixings (Modesty blocks, see image below) that you can get from any hardware store, to both sides of the corner post. You could also use a small angled bracket if you so wish. REMEMBER the handleless part is thinner than the rest of the door, so don’t screw through that as the screws would be seen on the other side.

Modesty block

Make sure that the screws that you use are not as deep as the corner post, so that they stay hidden and do not pierce the exposed side of the corner post.

Now, you can simply screw the corner post to the top and bottom of the inside of the corner unit. The other side of the corner post will attach to the side of another kitchen unit in the adjacent kitchen run.

Corner post with modesty blocks

This is how the corner post will look from the outside when fitted. See how the handle profile continues unbroken around the kitchen?

Completed corner post


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