Will my dinner plates fit in your kitchen wall units?


A common question people tend to ask is “will my dinner plates fit into your wall units?” Well, most standard dinner plates will, but it is worth reading the rest of this article first just to be sure!

Industry standard wall units

Dinner platesIt has long been an industry standard to manufacture wall units 300mm deep with an interior depth of 275mm. A standard dinner plate is 270mm.

Changing depths of wall units is complex. Changing the depth of the corner wall units would mean changing the depths of the corner base units to keep symmetry within the kitchen design. This would involve a whole new design concept in the depth of cabinets.

Your dinner plates can be stored in our diagonal corner wall units, above a tall oven housing, in deep pan and plate drawers, in base units or on magic corner/le mans pull out baskets in a corner base unit. 10.5inch or 270mm plates are the biggest that will fit inside our wall units.

Plate sizes

Plates continue to change in shape and size. In the 1960s, plates were roughly 9 inches in diameter. In the 1980s, they grew to around 10 inches, and now, it’s not unusual to find plates and dishes that are 12 inches or larger. A 12 inch plate 305mm, would need a carcase depth of 335mm, allowing for the 8mm back panel and 17mm service void.

Dinner plate makers do not consider the depth of wall units they simply make plates in a size and design that they feel will sell.


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