Kitchen Advice Centre

DIY Kitchens’ kitchen advice and help centre. You’ll find everything here from frequently asked questions, kitchen tips & ideas as well as cooking tips and general information to help you make the best decisions for when buying a new kitchen. If you have any ideas for items that you would like to see in this section then please let us know!!

Answer Questions
All the questions that you’ve asked in the past, we’ve tried to answer here to help future visitors to the site get the answers that they need.

Kitchen Tips
In our kitchen tips section, we will aim to make your life easier buy sharing some tips and solutions to make you more efficient around the kitchen.

Cooking Tips
Our cooking tips will show you how to improve your cooking skills, use the right techniques as well as ideas on cooking to stay healthy.

Facts And Ideas
Ever wondered when your toaster started browning bread on both sides and when things were invented ? This sections will give some answers.

Video help
Here you will find  a selection of videos that will help you to measure up your kitchen, plan the design, gain some basic installation tips and more!

PDF downloads
Here you will find some useful PDF downloads ranging from technical guides to style ideas for your kitchen units.

Kitchen PlannerWant to plan your kitchen and create a paper plan mock-up?

Simply download the Kitchen Planner PDFs here and start measuring up slotting units into position.

Don’t forget to plan in your service voids on corner units and think about the space needed for corner posts so that all your drawers and kitchen cupboards can open without any obstructions.