Cook the perfect steak in under 6 minutes

  You like steak cooking just the way you like it but one man’s rare steak is another man’s under cooked one! Same with well done, my idea of well done is a steak that is cooked with no sign of blood whereas some restaurants will cook it that much that even your family pooch

Steaming vegetables

  Cooking vegetables in water works but turn your back for a few minutes and forget about them and they may turn to mush in minutes. Cooking the veg for too long in water can also lead to all the nutrients being taken out of them so you may need to eat twice as much

Cook with water

 If you are on a diet then an easy way to eat well, lose weight and take in less calories from fat is to cook foods that normally require fat/oil with a little water. It may sound strange but it is extremely healthy cooking this way and there is no smell of burning oil that

Cook everything in a sauté pan

  Buying pots and pans for the kitchen can be a very expensive process. I recently bought a rather expensive 20″ titanium frying pan, because I had to cook 20 sausages in 1 go, and i’ve hardly used it since. The sauté pan with a lid on the other hand, gets used every single day!

The art to making mash potato!

 Making the perfect mash potato is not hard and it’s all down to the amount of time that you boil the potatoes for. If you can put a fork straight through the potatoes when they are cooking then they have been over cooked. You need to cook them until the fork will only go half