Kitchen Doors – Style Vs Cost


As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. But, the most expensive kitchen doors we have may not be right for you.

At the top end of the spectrum we have Linwood Painted. The kitchen doors for this kitchen and made from solid Timber, which makes this a premium priced kitchen.

If you were looking for MDF doors with a lacquered finish then you would still be getting good quality doors, at a slightly cheaper price, as materials and production costs for such doors are lower but quality remains high.

Take a look at some of the examples below to see how costs change depending on the door finish that you require.

Door Finish Example Kitchen Doors 10 Unit Cost
1) Painted Timber Linwood Painted Alabaster (Shaker) From £1,862
2) Grained Timber Norton Oak (Shaker) From £1,751
3) Painted MDF Luca Matt White (Handleless) From £1,615
3) Lacquered MDF Carrera Painted Vanilla (Modern) From £1,551
4) Acrylic Faced MDF Altino White (High Gloss) From £1,523
5) Painted Foil Wrapped MDF Malton Alabaster (Shaker) From £1,290
6) Melamine MFC Cento Wenge (Modern) From £1203

Click the image below to see a larger graphical representation of the kitchen door information above.

Kitchen Doors

You can download the image above as a PDF here.

You can read about how doors are created from the aforementioned materials here.

At the end of the day it’s the kitchen doors that make your kitchen what it is and this is the main factor that can increase the cost because all our kitchen unit carcases colours all cost the same, not matter which colour coordinated carcase you choose.


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