What are the 3 wooden panels for in the fridge/freezer unit?


Here is another popular question that our customers ask us.

“I’ve just ordered and had delivered a tall integrated fridge/freezer unit and there seems to be 3 wooden panels in the back of it that prevent my fridge/freezer from fitting in. What are these pieces of wood for and how do I remove them?”

Well, those 3 pieces of wood are purely in there for transportation purposes only. Without these pieces of wood, the unit would be too flimsy to transport and would be out of shape by the time it was delivered to you.

Here is an example of the 3 pieces of wood (highlighted in green) that will be present in your tall fridge/freezer kitchen unit.

fridge freezer wooden panels


How to remove the wooden panels

It is recommended to leave at least the middle panel in place until your unit is completely in position and attached to other units where applicable. Moving the unit without some support there will cause the unit to skew.

(1) The first transportation panel is located at the top of the tall unit. This is stapled in from the back. To remove it, pull out the staples and slide the panel upwards.

(2) The transportation panel located at the bottom is also stapled into place. Remove these staples and the panel will slide out.

(3) Finally, once your tall unit is in place, you can saw through the centre holding panel and pull it out of either side of the unit.

Don’t forget to look at the size of your fridge/freezer before you insert it. Most integrated fridge/freezers will need elevating inside the unit so that the unit doors line up with the appliance. See this article here for more information on this.

Once your fridge/freezer has been elevated, you can now slide in your fridge freezer in and screw it to the unit. This is usually done with screws through the feet, top bracket, and at the sides of the fridge/freezer.


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1 thought on “What are the 3 wooden panels for in the fridge/freezer unit?”
  • John says:

    On the two units I bought the centre holding panel had three dowels on each side that had been glued in. Whilst at the back so not visible, it pulled a lot of the side wall out with it. Something for others to note.

    October 18, 2015 at 6:50 pm
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