How do I create a kitchen island breakfast bar?


If you have the luxury of space in your kitchen and you are considering having a kitchen island in your new kitchen design then why not make a feature of it and turn it into a breakfast bar as well?

Not only will the kitchen island look great and give you additional storage space but you’ll also have a convenient area to share breakfast with the family each morning that the kids will be fighting over!

Constructing the breakfast bar island

The breakfast bar image below is just an example of 1 layout that can be made in any door style that you choose, which can be customised to match the look and feel of your own kitchen design ideas.

Breakfast bar island

The image below gives you an aerial view of the kitchen island so that you can see how it is constructed.

Breakfast bar kitchen island diagram

As you can see, the construction is pretty simple really. The island is made up of 9 kitchen base units, 5 of which are reduced depth units and 2 or 3 of them could be swapped with standard 300x560mm units if required (either left and right or the 3 front units).

Leg space

To give the leg space required under the island, only the end units are used to allow enough space to be able to get a few stools in position so that you can sit comfortably. When the stools are not in use, they can be slid into the space inside the island so that they are out of the way until needed again.

End panels & back panel

As there are only 2 kitchen units used at the seating side of the kitchen island, 2 end panels and 1 peninsular back panel are used to finish the island off and conceal the backs of the adjacent units (shown above with the blue lines).

Kitchen unit shopping list

Below you will find links to all the units required to make up the kitchen island above. You would need to factor in a worktop to complete the design though, and some cool breakfast bar stools!

The breakfast bar you see above is just one example, you could play around with the breakfast bar above and create your own unique feature to adorn your kitchen.


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