The invention of the pop up toaster


ToasterDid you know that the first toasters only used to toast one side of the bread? How annoying would that be first thing in the morning when you’re in a rush to get out of the door to do to work!

It was not until the invention of the toaster as we know it today in 1925 that  started to cook the bread on both sides and popped it up when it was cooked.

Charles Strike was the person that first patent the toaster idea and  the first official sandwich was believed to be beef in between 2 slices of toast. You can blame the 4th Earl of Sandwich for the name “Sandwich” as it stuck forever more!

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Toasters that defrost bread

If you’re one of those people that keeps the bread in the freezer until it’s needed, as a whole loaf is sometimes a little too much to get through before it goes out of date then you could do with a toaster that defrosts bread! There are many available and it will negate the need for you to have to take the bread of out the freezer to defrost before you toast it.

When shopping for bread or anything else for that matter,  follow these 4 simple words. “Shop from the back” How many times have you got home only to find a shelf life of 2 days left on your bread? Shop from the back and you’ll get at least 4 or 5 days before it goes out of date.

If you rush your shopping you could end up throwing lots of items away. Or, if you don’t like throwing good food away that you’ll probably force yourself to eat it, which will not help if you’re on a diet!

There is a town  in Masccachesetts USA called Sandwich? It’s true, I’ve been there but rather than have a sarnie, I had a pizza:-)


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