Customer Questions

Highline Vs drawerline kitchen base units

  Many people ask the question, “what is the difference between highline and drawerline units?” Well, the answer is pretty straightforward and shown below. Highline Kitchen Base Units A highline kitchen base unit basically means that the door of the unit starts at the bottom of the unit and finishes at the top, giving you

What is a kitchen unit service void?

  A service void in essence is just a bit of blank space but this space is essential in the design of your kitchen. There are 2 main types of service void that we mention on our website and in our download PDF kitchen planner. These are a rear service void and a side/corner service void.

Using Kitchen fittings

  How times have changed; gone are the days when the kitchen had the sole purpose of preparing food. Now we see a time where the kitchen is an extension of our home, a personal haven every homeowner can be proud of. Open plan living has taken over homes all over the United Kingdom and

What are kitchen corner posts and why are they needed?

  When constructing a kitchen, you can never butt up units that meet in a corner, right up to each other, as you will have problems opening doors or with doors hitting handles and getting damaged. That’s where corner post comes into affect. The solution to this issue is to fit corner posts in each

What is a Belfast sink?

  Many people tend to ask the question “What is a Belfast sink?” and it’s one of those questions that you can hazard a guess at. Belfast is a city, so either the sink was built there or it’s the size of the place! To start off with, the Belfast sink is derived from a

What type of sink do I need for a granite worktop?

  When you decide on buying a granite worktop then you can still choose from a wide range of sinks. The 3 types of sinks that you have to choose from are shown below with a brief explanation. Undermounted Sink An undermounted sink is just that. It is placed into a kitchen unit that allows

How do I plan a DIY kitchen island?

  If you’re lucky enough to have an open kitchen area then you may find yourself having a bit of space to fill. The most common solution to this dilemma is to have a DIY kitchen island built and installed. This solution gives loads more kitchen storage and workspace and adds an attractive feature to

What type of work surface should I choose?

 Your choice of work surface can dramatically change both the look and functionality of your kitchen. We currently offer both solid wood and laminate work surfaces and details on them are below. Timber work surface features Easy to work with using standard woodworking tools. No Template and fitting charge from a work surface specialist. Can

Are the drawer boxes fully fitted and what type of drawer/pan drawer boxes do you supply?

  When ordering any unit with drawers or pan drawers from DIY Kitchens, you will be supplied with Blum metal sided drawer/pan drawers fully factory fitted. (See drawers and runners section to checkout the quality of the drawers/pan drawers). Do the doors and drawers come with soft close systems as standard, and if not how

Do your kitchen doors come pre drilled?

  All our kitchen units are now supplied with doors and drawer fronts that are ready drilled and attached to the units, at no extra cost. If you order separate doors then these are supplied un-drilled. We don’t pre-drill for carcases that aren’t ours, as the hinge holes may not marry up with the carcase