Can I put a waste bin in a kitchen unit?


This simple answer to “can I put a waste bin in a kitchen unit” is YES! You could put a standard waste bin in an empty unit but that would not work too well, so we offer quite a few waste bin solutions that allow you to easily dispose of your waste and get it ready for recycling at the same time. Many of the waste bins that we supply have multiple waste compartments which allows you to separate your food wasted from your cans and cardboard very easily.

Waste bins do tend to take up a whole kitchen unit. So, before factoring this into your design, please ensure that you have left yourself enough unit space for everything else that your kitchen will need to accommodate like pots, pans, plates and food. You may also want to leave enough space for the bread and ice cream makers that you’ll probably acquire at some point:-)

Types of pull out waste bins

There are many different types of waste bins available. There are those that just sit in the unit, which you have to pull out manually to put your waste in and there. And, there are other waste bins where you open the door of the kitchen base unit and the waste bin comes out to you, for easier and more convenient access.

Highline waste bin kitchen units

Can a waste bin fit in a drawer line unit?

Yes, our bins can either fit in a drawerline or highline kitchen base unit. Waste bins that fit into a drawerline unit obviously will be smaller in height, so you get a little less waste disposal space but you do get more usable space in the kitchen. This is extremely handy for storing cutlery or takeaway menus!

There are some drawerline waste bin examples below.

Drawerline waste bin kitchen units

Waste bins installed in real kitchens

Here are some examples of waste bins installed in real kitchens to get a feel for how they could look in your own home.

Waste bin example

Waste bin example

Waste bin example

Waste bin example

Waste bin example


Check out the waste bins that are available on our website here.


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