How do I use edging tape on my plinth?


Edging tape is needed to cover the exposed ends on some plinth at the end of a kitchen run where the plinth returns, or if you are using a piece of plinth material as a filler where you want the exposed edge covered.

The edging tape that we supply for this comes in 1 meter lengths and it is 22mm wide. Here is a guide on how to apply it your plinth.

How to apply edging tape

(1) Get the piece of plinth with the exposed edge and cut off a piece of edging tape that is about 6mm longer than it needs to be.

Edging tape

(2) Now place the edging tape on the plinth so that it overhangs all sides, as shown below. This is required so that it can be cut down later to give a clean edge.

Edging tape overhang

(3) Now this way not be written in many text books but I use some grease proof paper to line the area that I’m about to iron (If you saw the bottom of my iron then you would know why!) The grease proof paper will protect the edging tape from any possibility of muck or burning.

Grease proof paper

(4) Now, get your iron out and turn it to a moderate setting and start to iron the edging tape onto the plinth. Please ensure that you use the tip of the iron and iron about an inch at a time, this will allow you to ensure that the edging tape stays square with an equal amount of overhang along it.

When you have finished ironing, let the edging tape completely cool. When cool check all edges and ensure that it has stuck properly, if not, re-iron on any loose bits. Do this now or feel the pain later:-)

Iron on edging tape

(5) Now it’s time to trim the sides. This is the hardest bit, so make sure you have a sharp knife and keep the blade as flat as you can as you start to trim the ends. If the blade is angled then it can start to cut into the plinth, which you do not want to happen! If you do make a mess here, you can always use some touch up paint to hide any imperfections.

Trim edge with knife

At the end of this process, if there were any rough edges, you could always file them down with a file or use some very fine sandpaper to smooth off the edges.


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