Customer Questions

Do you have wine & bottle racks?

  When planning your kitchen, you’ll be surprised to know that there is usually a unit available to fulfil most purposes in the kitchen, including storing bottles of wine. There is even a 2 metre tall wine rack unit if you are fond of your wine, or just like storing it to look at:-) Storing

How to maximise kitchen space utilisation

  No matter how big or small your kitchen is, space is always at a premium and making the best use of the space you have will make things easier for you in the future. The following article will go through tips and ideas and how to get the most from your new kitchen design.

Which appliance door do I need to order?

  When placing an integrated appliance into a kitchen, many of the appliances  just require a door as the appliance fits into a gap left by 2 adjacent units. But, depending on if your kitchen has drawerline units or not, you need to choose the right door for the job. You can see which appliances

How do I create a kitchen island breakfast bar?

  If you have the luxury of space in your kitchen and you are considering having a kitchen island in your new kitchen design then why not make a feature of it and turn it into a breakfast bar as well? Not only will the kitchen island look great and give you additional storage space

Kitchen Jargon Explained

  Some of the terms used in the construction of a kitchen don’t sound too obvious to what they exactly are. This page will go through some of the most commonly used terms and give you a plain English explanation. HIGHLINE A base cabinet fitted with a door only DRAWERLINE A base cabinet fitted with

Kitchen Doors – Style Vs Cost

  As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. But, the most expensive kitchen doors we have may not be right for you. At the top end of the spectrum we have Linwood Painted. The kitchen doors for this kitchen and made from solid Timber, which makes this a premium priced kitchen. If

Which cupboards need end panels?

  We were asked the question below the other day and thought it would make a useful article to share with other like minded readers. So, here it is. (Q) I’m Looking for a new kitchen an need to keep the costs down. How do I know which cupboards need end panels etc? Well, the

How to design an island feature

  A kitchen island feature is created using a combination of cabinets generally placed centrally within the kitchen and is a great way to incorporate a social hub to the kitchen. Any number of features may be included, for example incorporating curved cabinets within the design to create a softer more organic look or wide

How to keep new kitchen costs down

  How much will my kitchen cost? One of the most popular questions we’re asked by our customers is ‘How much will my kitchen cost?’ The simple answer is, we don’t know! That’s because every kitchen is as unique and individual as you, the customer. What we do know however is that our kitchens offer

Calculate plinth, cornice & pelmet requirements

  How to calculate how much plinth, cornice and pelmet are required One of the questions we’re often asked by customers is ‘How many lengths of plinths/cornice/pelmet will I need?’ This, however, is not as difficult to work out as you might think. In our experience, it’s always better to order a little more than