After Sales

Can I edit my order?

Once you have placed your order, you have 5 days in which to make amendments to it. Once your remaining edit time of 5 days has completed, bespoke production will begin for your order. Please be aware that changes can no longer be made to your order, after this time.

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Can I order additional items?

Yes, you can order additional items after your initial kitchen delivery, if you have forgotten something. You will just need your original order number, when placing an additional order and enter it when asked.

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Can I repaint a kitchen door?

As long as you select a painted style now, you can rub it down and repaint it in the future.

Do units come with feet?

Yes, all our kitchen units are supplied with feet. The feet are located inside the fittings box. You simply insert them into the leg bosses, that are attached to the units already.

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How Do I Remove a Drawer?

To remove the drawers, you need to pull them out to full extension and lift upwards with a fair amount of force and the drawer box will come off the runners and you can then pull them out.

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How do I return items?

Some items that are not built to order can be returned. Please contact our sales team on 01977 608 418 if you would like to enquire about returning an item.

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What warranty do your kitchens have?

Our Innova doors come with a 5 year guarantee and the kitchen units have a 25 year guarantee.

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