When designing your kitchen, there is usually a kitchen run that ends without butting up to a wall, so the end is visible and will need finishing off, usually in one of the following 4 ways.

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End panels

The simplest way to end a kitchen run is to put an end panel onto the end of the last unit. This will create a nice smooth finish and give the plinth something to butt up too.

If you had kitchen units that were the same colour as your plinths, then you could just return the plinth, so that it continued to the wall to hide the legs under the unit. This decision would be down to personal preference but for me, using an end panel is a much neater solution.

End panel end kitchen run

You can read more about end panels here.

Tongue & Groove End panels

End panels are a great way to terminate the end of a kitchen run but if you want to add a little more character & charm to a shaker or more traditional kitchen, then you could opt to use tongue & groove end panels, as shown here.

This end panel makes more of a feature of the end of the kitchen run and you can go one step further, by using a feature end post to create a corner.

Tongue and groove end panel end kitchen run

You can read more about tongue & groove end panels here.


Pilasters are tall decorative columns that can add a touch of elegance to any traditional kitchen. They can be used as pure decoration or to support a worktop, next to an integrated appliance, where there is no other unit for the worktop to rest on.

Pilaster end kitchen run

You can read more about pilasters here.

Curved Base units

If you want a little extra worktop and storage space then you could always choose to end the kitchen run with a curved base unit. A curved base unit softens then end of the run nicely and it also looks pretty stylish too!

Curved corner unit

You can read more about curved units here.

How to end a kitchen run video

This video reiterates everything you have just read above, in a short 30 second summary.


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