What is a Le Mans corner unit?


A Le Mans corner base unit provides a very convenient way of accessing items in hard to reach places in the unit. This is achieved by the 2 or 4 large trays that extend out of the unit that bring items to you.

Le mans corner base unit highline

One thing to remember with the Le Mans corner base units is that when the door is fully open, the 2 or 4 Le Mans trays do come past the width of the door. Also, when the door is open, the 2 trays come out and need an additional 30cms of space at the side, so that the trays can be pulled out fully.

The picture below shows how it looks fully open.

Le Mans corner base unit highline 2 trays

The trays also protrude past the front of the door, when the tray is pulled out by about 13cms. See the image below.

Le mans corner base unit mid height

See the le-mans mechanism in action below.

Which size units are available in Le Mans?

The Le Mans corner units are available in highline units with 2 pull out trays and mid/studio height units with 4 pull out trays. See the table below to see which size units are available for each height.

Size Highline Available Mid Height Available
900mm wide Yes (No)
950mm wide Yes (No)
1000mm wide Yes Yes
1100mm wide Yes Yes

You can see all the Le Mans corner base units on our website

What is the weight capacity of the Le Mans shelves?

The Le Mans unit can hold up 25kg of weight on each shelf.

What is the difference between the Arena styles?

The difference between the pullouts is in the wirework. The cheaper Arena style has a square dull wirework, the middle one has a shiny  square wirework and the expensive one has a shiny round wirework.



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