Tall Oven Housing Configurations


When deciding on which tall oven housing to choose from you need to think about exactly what you want to do with the rest of the unit. Are you going to have a single oven and a door at the bottom or a double oven with a few pull out drawers below or any one of the other options that we have available?

Double oven 2 drawers single oven 1 drawer

You have options

Some people like their oven to line up perfectly with the worktop but you only get this effect if you have just the 1 single oven in a tall unit or if you have a compact appliance and/or a warming drawer.

The numbers on the image below denote the door or filler sizes required to fill the apertures.

Tall housings level with worktop

If you have a double oven then it will drop below the level of the worktop due to the sheer size of the oven and to make it accessible. The same as having a single oven with microwave housing.

Tall housing double ovens

  • The sections marked 183 & 355 on the images above are pull out drawers
  • The sections marked 283 are the sizes of the cupboard doors or drawers
  • The sections marked 490, 570 & 715 are standard cupboard doors
  • The sections marked 139 are filler panels

Horizontal lines

When designing a new kitchen, some people like the horizontal lines of pull out drawers to match any other pull out drawers in the kitchen run as shown below.

Horizontal lines

This is not a necessity but required by some customers. Here is an example of a kitchen where the horizontal lines of the pan drawer do not line up with those of the drawers on the oven housing but as you can see, the kitchen still looks great!

Pan drawer horizontal lines

So, before you start planning your kitchen, have a think about all of the above (doors or drawers & lines) and you’ll get the look and feel that you are looking for.


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