Kitchen Island Pendants

  A kitchen island has no set structure, it is made just the way you design it and the possibilities are endless! Once the island has been designed and your creation has come to life, there is no better way to compliment it than with some elegant island pendant lighting, to illuminate and show off

Kitchen Island Ideas & Inspiration

  Many people tend to ask the question, “How do I design a kitchen island?” Well, to tell you the truth, there is no one size fits all kitchen island design, as you can make it exactly how you want, so that it fits in with the shape of your room and even add appliances

How do I create a kitchen island breakfast bar?

  If you have the luxury of space in your kitchen and you are considering having a kitchen island in your new kitchen design then why not make a feature of it and turn it into a breakfast bar as well? Not only will the kitchen island look great and give you additional storage space

How do I plan a DIY kitchen island?

  If you’re lucky enough to have an open kitchen area then you may find yourself having a bit of space to fill. The most common solution to this dilemma is to have a DIY kitchen island built and installed. This solution gives loads more kitchen storage and workspace and adds an attractive feature to

How to choose your kitchen seating

  Putting in a new kitchen can be an exciting time but kitchen seating can sometimes be left as an afterthought. A new kitchen is exciting because the planning stage is fun and all the desired appliances and gadgets can be fitted in how you want them this time. The kitchen can also be laid

How to create a Linwood split level island

  A customer recently asked us this question about our Linwood split level island. “I’m just in the process of ordering a kitchen from you, could you kindly advise me on which units I need to create the Linwood split level island, as featured in your Linwood bespoke range below with the wine cooler on

Open Kitchen Units

  When designing your new kitchen, one thing to remember is that not all kitchen units need to have doors on them. We stock a wide range of open kitchen units that can be used as is to display items like plants, crockery, ornaments, books and even pictures or you can buy open kitchen units

Handleless Kitchen Design Ideas

  Handleless kitchens are very popular and give a very clean look with great lines to a kitchen. The handles are built into the tops of doors for base units and the bottoms of the doors for wall units in like a fishing hook style or as it is more commonly known, a J profile,

What Kitchen Designs/Layouts are there?

  The majority of people’s kitchen designs fall within 1 of the 6 kitchen designs that are shown below. Click one of the images to see more information about the kitchen design/layout. Straight Run Kitchen Design Galley Kitchen Design L Shaped Kitchen Design L Shaped Island Kitchen Design U Shaped Kitchen Design U Shaped Island Kitchen Design

Kitchen Jargon Explained

  Some of the terms used in the construction of a kitchen don’t sound too obvious to what they exactly are. This page will go through some of the most commonly used terms and give you a plain English explanation. HIGHLINE A base cabinet fitted with a door only DRAWERLINE A base cabinet fitted with